A day fishing with my dogs

The sounds of the river take me to a magical place, where I forget the daily grind of the Studio. Walking with my friends, seeing them running free through the forrest. I can see and feel their joy and freedom, shaking and jumping with happiness while chasing fish along the meandering riverbed.

Fishing is a philosophical without rules full of freedom. 

Watching the hawks

Higher and higher step by step with the wind howling and caressing my face along the rocky path along the mountains. What magnificent view will the next corner bring, always a stunning surprise. The Real Hawks squawking hovering and diving always keeping their eyes on the ground but measuring the wind.  They seem immune to the beauty of the fast moving dancing clouds. Beauty is never tining...

On the peaks reaching my grandfather's shack

Silence, everything is still. It takes patience to get here but when I arrive the silent mountain always welcomes with her magnificent stillness and majestry. Respect and awe come over me. I come here to be in peace and at one with nature I need her generous energy to rebalance my weary mind.
She never lets me down...

Thank God it's Friday

I love my bike, riding it back home to my place after a long a week, I'm tired but pleased the Project Presentation went well. It was worth it, now it's time for me my bike and and just some space to chill.  I never get tired of it, wheels, pedals and a chain, roads and trail, rain or sunshine. I love the total unpredictability and simple pleasure of it all. I always forget how much I love it until I'm back on the pedals again.
How can that be..

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Ikou is about destination, leaving and arriving. looking and finding, fulfilling our natural curiosity, every journey however small adds an exotic flavour and richness to our evey day life. Ikou is a catalyst, a facilitator of desires.